The Financial Freedom Playbook 2.0

Financially Savvy
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If you want... 

✅ Financial Freedom
✅ To escape your 9-5
✅ Or, to simply take back control of your finances

But you're not sure where to start...

This is for you

We are living in a time when most people don't like their jobs

And even if you're in the minority who do, I bet there are many things you’d rather be doing with your time...

- Spending it with your partner

- Being there for your kids while you're still young and healthy

- Pursuing that passion you've always had but never had the time for

- Or, simply more time to relax, travel, and see the world

But you can't

Because you have commitments

Bills to pay

And your job has you trapped because it's your only way of providing

The problem is, we’re made to believe this is our only option

But I’m here to tell you that this is not true.

There is another way

A way that you can have all those things you seek:

✅ Time Freedom

✅ Location Freedom

✅ Financial Freedom

And this isn't some get-rich-quick scheme,

It’s simply about being more savvy with your money.

And, above all else, it's about having a plan!

A plan I will help you create

About The Creator:

My name is Joe, founder of Financially Savvy (@FiSavvy)

And just 4 years ago I was broke, in debt and struggling to keep up with our outgoings.

As the birth of my daughter was approaching, I became fixated with the idea of getting us out of this perpetual rat race, escaping our 9-5's, and putting a stop to our never-ending cycle of debt and consumerism to give our daughter the best chance in life.

After years of reading, studying and trial & error, I had created a playbook to enable anyone to plan, track and achieve their own financial goals

I have personally used this system to:

  • Get a grip of our finances
  • Eliminate our debt
  • Save & Invest more
  • And grow our net worth from -£40K to >£289k in 4 years
  • And in March 2023, I retired from corporate life at the age of 32!

All thanks to this process.

No tricks, gimmicks or get-rich-quick schemes.

Just proven, time-tested methods I'm going to teach you.

As a result, I've become financially free in my 30's

No more answering to anyone else!

How you can achieve this too...

Complete each step in the playbook and feed the results directly into the numbered tabs of the spreadsheet provided. This is your all-in-one, ready-to-go spreadsheet with built-in formulae to automate the process

Here's my very own completed copy:

The Spreadsheet

1. Monthly Balance Sheet - Set your budget (Plan) and track your actual spend (Actuals). With automated charts & tables: Expenses Split, Income vs Outgoing's & Saving's Rate %

2. Yearly Expenses - Keep track of those one-off expenses such as holidays, insurance and gifts to see what you're spending over the entire year on these categories

3. Retirement Planning tab - build your financial freedom plan with the in-built calculator & track your progress

4. Savings & Investments tab - Track the trajectory of your savings & investments

5. Equity & Assets Tab, Auto-filled data & Formulae to calculate LTV%

6. Debt Tab - Auto-Populated Graph to see your  debts decrease over time

7. The Net Worth Tab - Graph pulls data from other tabs automatically. See your net worth grow!

NEW!!! Now includes a tab for tracking your side-hustle income, expenses and operating profit!


In the playbook, you will receive clear guidance and instruction for each of the steps, what information to put where, and most importantly, why.

At the end of each step is a list of actions, telling you EXACTLY what you need to do to build your plan and achieve your goals.

Eliminate the guesswork.

Here's what people are saying:

It's working for them.

In fact, this course has now helped >1,200 people set, track and achieve their financial goals.

With >80 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews!

Follow the steps in this book, complete the spreadsheet as you go, and you will achieve your goals.

Want to get there even faster?

The Premium 2.0 Video Course - Now Available!

Upgrade to Premium 2.0 to access the NEW video course.

You'll get everything from above, PLUS access to the 7-phase video course consisting of 20 step-by-step video tutorials covering exactly how manage & invest your money to achieve each and every one of your financial goals. I talk you through every step in order to maximise your odds of success!


I've now added a BONUS ebook with FIVE additional chapters:

- Dividend Investing

- Be More Frugal

- Maximise Your Savings Rate

- Optimise Your Company Pension

- Compound Interest & The Power Of Now!

These BONUS chapters contain invaluable advice and methods I use day-to-day to keep me on track with my finances.

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The Financial Freedom Playbook 2.0

82 ratings
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